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My family is a little crazy and maybe a little complicated, but I love every part of the intricate pieces. I am the oldest of five children with thirty-six years separating myself from the youngest.  Having been married and divorced, I have raised two boys and homeschooled them for nine years—the last several years of my “teaching” career were as a single mom. My children are the light of my life and have taught me more then I will ever possibly teach them. It’s took me until my mid-forties to find the man who would change my life forever, my soul mate, my rock. He brought along with him two of the most amazing young women whom I now get to call my bonus daughters. My family is and will always be everything to me and they provide me with the motivation to continue doing what I do.    

I love to ride! Whether it’s on the street or in the bush. Golf, darts, and pool are my current obsessions. I have traveled plenty, though there is plenty more of this big ol’ world that I’d like to see. I once road my Harley from British Columbia to California and back. I have jumped out of a plane (and obviously lived to tell the tale about it) and have more than one tattoo. Bucket lists… what’s that? I believe in living your dreams now. Valuing my physical and mental health above all else is where my passion for helping other women to live their healthiest lives stems from.  

I love what I do, and I wake up every morning thanking God for the life I am living and for the lessons I have learned. This life of mine hasn’t been easy but it has been well worth every curve and unexpected detour I’ve taken on the ride.

CanFitPro - Personal Trainer Specialist
(PN1) Certified in Excercise Nutrition
(FMT) Fascial Mobility Training